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A Barn Fit for a King

I walked outside to see my husband cleaning the barn before we left for our Christmas travels. I admired the pride he takes in what we have. I began to think about the barn Jesus was born in. How often did they sweep it? Hopefully Jesus' barn didn't have an owl camping in the rafters that liked to swoop down and scare everybody like ours does. What I really got hung up on was that little barn was enough. Enough for The Child that was sent to teach us, heal us and die for us.

So your barn is a lean-to with a tarp wrapped around it for that show calf you bought your kid? Perfect. You have a fancy horse barn? Sweet. Every time you step in that barn be proud. Proud of what's happening in that lean-to as you watch your kid raise a show heifer knowing she and her progeny will pay for your kid's college. Proud as you walk in that horse barn excited to take those futurity colts out. Take pride in the barn you have and work to build towards something even more wonderful. Remember, that little stable was simple until a King was born in it.

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