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Britany Diaz- #AgMoms

We're celebrating the moms in agriculture.

We interviewed 10 #AGMOMS. Each were asked 5 questions. Our goal? To inspire long-time mothers, new mothers, and aspiring mothers who feel overwhelmed, over worked, or moms who just need a little encouragement.

Mom #10: Britany Diaz

How do you find balance in barrel racing, a husband that rodeos full-time, selling health insurance, writing for Rodeo Fame, raising and selling horses, and raising a baby girl? 

Every day is a learning experience of trying to balance barrel racing, a husband that rodeos full-time, selling health insurance, writing for Rodeo Fame, raising and selling horses, and raising a baby girl. I use to be a planner and would write things down to get done for the day, but with Whitlee, things never go according to planned. I have learned to get the most important things taken care of and the rest will still be there. On a good day, I can get it all done. We hit the ground running in the morning. I try to get up before Whitlee to go get all the chores done and then come in the house to read. Isaac and I make it a priority to read from our Bibles every morning. Gets the day started on the right foot. It’s also the most relaxing part of our day. While in the house with Whitlee, I will put her in her bouncer next to me and get on the computer to work on health insurance and Rodeo Fame. My mother-in-law works mornings close by, so after work she comes by and watches Whitlee for a few hours so I can run out and cleans pens and ride horses. I am unable to ride as many horses as I use to, so I keep my number at 3-4 a day, while Isaac starts in the morning and goes all day while he is home. It is a constant juggling act and things don’t always go according to planned, so I would say being flexible and knowing that not everything will get done is now a new norm for me. Spending time with our little girl is the most important priority for us as we know she is only this little for a short time. She just gets to go with us to do a lot of our work. Luckily, she is a good baby and enjoys being outside and riding in her car seat.

What are some ways you have taught your children about agriculture? 

Whitlee is already going with me to do chores. She is either strapped to my chest or sitting next to me on the side-by-side in her car seat. Isaac and I want her to know the importance of a schedule for the horses and the value in both the horses and the cattle. We have a small cattle herd but hope to continue to grow it. Whitlee also goes to the rodeos with us. Taking care of our horses is really important as without them, we would not be able to compete. For now, she spends time in her stroller while I warm up or in her daddy’s arms when he is done competing. We want to include Whitlee in everything, so she can see the hard work, the time and the preparation that goes into rodeo, training and ranching. As she grows we will get her involved with the horses if she wants to, 4-H, FFA and other activities that will teach her this life-style. We have been blessed to become friends with some of the best in the rodeo industry, so we will give her the opportunity to go learn from them.

What are some of your favorite memories with your kids in the show barn, at a show, in the pasture, etc.

The memories of growing up on a ranch are the best memories a person could have. My sisters and I helped every day at home, whether it was in the field haying or riding and calving out our cows. I believe growing up on a ranch teaches the best work ethic. I used to love calving season. Getting to go out and check on the cows and the excitement of the new babies, writing down the numbers and then coming back to let dad know which ones had calved or if any were having troubles. The second best part is the brandings. I love the smell of branding smoke. It still to this day takes me back to when I was little. It was always a fun time to get together with the family and neighbors and do what they all enjoyed. We also learned how to ride horses better as we were always horseback. I am so thankful for my parents and that they kept us so involved with daily chores, riding, haying and the horse and cattle industry. They allowed us to be involved in youth rodeos, 4-H showing cattle, high-school rodeo and sports growing up.

What do you think y’all would be doing if you weren't involved in agriculture? 

If Isaac and I didn’t have agriculture and rodeo, we never would have met. I cant imagine our lives without this lifestyle. The horses, cattle and rodeo is what we do day in and day out. If I had to say what we would maybe be doing, I would say Isaac would be a welder as he does a great job and has built literally everything on our place. I would more than likely be at an office job using my college degree.

Can you share some advice for #AgMoms who balance raising kids, raising cattle, and running a business? 

My advice to other moms that are trying to balance it all is to just do the best you can!! It is ok to sometimes leave some things undone. Figure out a way to get things done with your children. Even though it may not be something you think is fun, I promise they may just enjoy it. I know my best memories came from going to work on the ranch with my dad. Try to set a few minutes aside for yourself to relax. For us it is reading in the morning. Also know that you are not alone and it is ok to ask for help. I have learned that people love to hold babies! Whitlee will definitely not be shy as when we go to arenas to practice, usually someone else that is there wants to hold her, which allows me to practice. Be creative with ways to entertain and keep your children busy while you work. I also listen to a lot of motivational speakers to keep me going when I get overwhelmed or exhausted. I stay busy and know at the end of the day, I did the all that I could with that 24 hours.

Thank you for tuning in on our #AgMom series!

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