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Product Marketing From a Social Distance

The digital game just became a whole lot more intense.

Business owners are having to find new ways to reach their customers and for many, this is uncharted territory. While this new era of selling seems intimidating, it’s time to put your creative pants on and deal with it. Here are a few pointers on keeping you and/or your product relevant:

Catch Their Attention

The social platforms are flooded with sales, promotions, and people posting about how they hate being stuck at home. It should be your goal to stand out among the rest and make your customers stop scrolling when they see your post. Here are some ways to catch their attention:

Beautiful photos and graphics

You don’t need a fancy camera or computer software to get this done.

Think about what brands or people post photos that make you stop scrolling.

Keep these in mind when you start taking photos of your product. Need

some inspiration? Keep in mind, you certainly don’t want to look like a competitor.

At the end of this post, we are including a list of Instagram accounts that do a

beautiful job of taking captivating photos.

Wanting to create some gorgeous graphics? No fancy software needed! We

highly recommend canva.com. This site allows you to create everything from

Facebook posts to T-Shirt graphics.

Facebook Live

Nerve racking, awkward, these are the top two feelings that come to mind when I even CONSIDER doing a Facebook Live. Here are some steps to make sure it goes well for you:

Step 1: Make sure you have great audio

People will forgive fuzzy video, but if they can’t hear you there’s a

good chance they won’t stay tuned.

-Be aware of background noises and avoid them

-Invest in a mic or use your headphones (iPhone headphones are

a good, informal option.)

Step 2: Rehearse with a coworker or friend

For Facebook Live, you can set your audience. Set your audience

to just one person and have them watch and critique before you

do it for the rest of the world to see.

Step 3: Respond to comments

The goal should be for people to engage, so why don’t you speak

to them as they comment with questions, or just say thanks if

they compliment you.

Homemade Videos

From the hilarious TicToc videos to the videos of food recipes coming

together, there are tons of ways to engage your audience with a video

that applies to your business.

Selling home raised beef? Do a beef recipe video.

Selling horse feed? Create a video about your daily feeding routine.


Think outside the box. What is something new you can do for your

business that will stimulate interest? Here are a few ideas

-Partner with another company or person to create a joint promotion

-Start a monthly subscription to your product (A surprise goodie box

each month for $15, a curated box of your favorite _____ products

for $50?)


Have you established a brand and already have some great reviews?

Recruit some of your customers to start helping you market your

product. Bonus points for you if they already have a great social media


For ideas on how influencers or endorsees work, check out

LikeToKnow.It App (fashion and lifestyle) or head over to the

Purina Performance Horse Facebook Facebook page to see what their

brand ambassadors are saying about Purina Horse Feed.

Build a Community

Facebook Groups & Instagram Chat

These are both excellent platforms to come together with fellow business

owners, customers, or people you may have never met that share

interests with you. Use these platforms to help develop ideas, stimulate

creativity, and build up a community where everyone can thrive.

There are two routes to go for Facebook Groups:

1. Make a Facebook Group based around your brand

2. Make a Facebook Group based around a community related to

your brand.

-Selling makeup? Create a group that empowers people

to feel beautiful.

-Selling dog food? Create a group that brings together

dog lovers.


Social distancing doesn’t apply here!

Create fun get togethers so people are motivated to “gather” and socialize

online. Online “cocktail party?” Count me in!

Finally, Make your marketing efforts PERSONAL.

Personal to your customers

Acknowledge different body types, skin types, demographics, health

concerns, budgets, etc.

- i.e.Since we are being told to stay home, a local Lubbock

boutique is having different outfits and styles

modeled on different girls, all varying in body type, age and race.

Plus, customers can request outfits be put together and worn by

the model of their choice. This is called INNOVATION!

Personal to YOU.

Say it with me: You are your brand.

People want to do business with PEOPLE. So personalize your social

media accounts, personalize your marketing approaches, and involve

yourself in the new gorgeous photos and videos you’ll be taking to help

sell your product.

To see some great examples of pages that inspire us, check out these Instagram accounts:





Or follow our Pinterest Board, Inspired by Design!


We want to hear how your evolving with this new digital age. Share your results with us!

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