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Wrangler National Finals rodeo

Each year, we help Purina Animal Nutrition manage event sponsorships at 17 different horse shows and rodeos. Our personal favorite is the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. We spend two weeks in Las Vegas helping Purina put the limelight on the cowboys and cowgirls riding for the checkerboard brand.

Objective #1

maximize purina's presence at the

wrangler national finals rodeo through social media campaigns

how we did it

videos, social media ads, cross promotions

The result

Over 28,000 views (organic) from video promotion on purina performance horse facebook page

(We have the pleasure of teaming up with Equibrand for this event. They get content during each rodeo, we run around to all the day's events and to the different booths Purina has at the show)

This video had over 6,000 clicks and  reached 26.3K people, 14K of those were reached in less that 24hrs. This was organic, unpaid reach. 

Objective #2

maintain all digital content for the 3 booths purina had at WNFR 

how we did it

one of their booths had 12 TVs in it. we gathered, edited, and/or created content for these tvs to enhance crowd engagement. for example, each day purina ambassadors came to the booth for an autograph signing. we created graphics for the TVs to promote the signings and draw a crowd. 


We're good with technology, widening our range of responsibilities. Here are some of them: 


 Creating content for the 10 TVs that were placed throughout this 20'x70' booth

Creating the content for the CloudTouch display and MobiBooth.

CloudTouch and MobiBooth are two interactive displays we used in the booth to help engage various demographics.

We posted throughout the event on the @PurinaPerformanceHorse Facebook Page and Instagram Page and Stories. Posts included what was happening in the booths, ambassador wins during the rodeo, interesting or exciting moments throughout the event.

PRCA Banquet
Purina Mobile Exhibit
Purina Ambassador Autograph Siging
CloudTouch Device
Purina Booth Display

Vegas is the city that never sleeps and the BCI team certainly validated that statement over our fourteen days in Vegas. There is a lot that goes in to running 3 booths and a corporate sponsorship. Here is some more of what we did:

-Booth design support

-Actively promote Purina's Horse Barn app and "Ultimate Prize Giveaway"

-Daily autograph signings with Purina-sponsored rodeo athletes

-Manage TV content daily to promote who would be signing each day

-Send booth information and upcoming activities to Cowboy Christmas event staff to be promoted daily on the event's website and app.

-Represent Purina at the PRCA Awards Banquet

-Corporate partnership meetings

-In-booth sales team support

-Discuss horse feed with booth visitors


We probably missed something but you get the idea.



Day-to-day event management

E3 Branding and Launch

We partnered with the launch team who activated Purina's newest Equine Educational Events. These events are geared to offer horse owners an opportunity to meet experts from equine industries that varied from pharma to feed. This promotes Purina's research-driven products, educates horse owners on sound management practices and allows consumers to interact with PhD nutritionists. Other brands that work with Purina on this include Boehringer Ingleheim. 


Logo design

The launch team gave us an outline of expectations for the E3 logo, we made it happen.

meeting toolkit

We also created a toolkit for the sales team to execute a consistently branded meeting. Here are a few things we included:

E3 presentation.jpeg
Meeting Presentations

The sales team received presentations we designed to help maintain meeting structure. 

E3_barrelracing_social_instagram copy.pn
Social Media Graphics

We created a series of social media graphics for the sales team to promote the upcoming meetings through their dealers.  

We highlighted various equestrian disciplines to fit the varying demographics throughout all the sales regions. 

Customizable Invites and Thank You Letters

To maintain the brand standards and the meeting design, we worked with the Purina marketing team's design concept to create customizable thank you notes and meeting invitations. 

**The above graphic was created with a design originally created by McCord Design Group for Purina. With approval, we enhanced for social media use.